Let the Box Wine Flow!

I hope everyone is having a lovely winter season. Stay warm with a nice drink and a furry hat or wig. That's what I do! Also, it's Christmas season at the art gallery and my ornaments are on display... including my Xmas Spirit snow globes. If you love alcohol why not show it on your tree? haha!



Happy Autumn!

Cooler weather equals escatic Delaine! Now I can wear all the wigs, coats and tights I want. Update on Not My Small Diary 16... I have over 80 people signed up to contribute this time. WOW! The theme is going to be 'transportation' and hopefully these stories will move you. Other news: we plan to go to New Orleans for Halloween this year. Lee and I are going to be Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.


Hi, my name is Delaine and it's time to rock your face off.

I love me some John Waters! Welcome to my new and improved Small Webpage! It's still coming together, but isn't it looking better already? Thanks Scott Thigpen for your help and kindness. If you look to your right you will see three crucial links for 3 artistic arenas in the world of Delaine. Check them out. I'm still adding photos and links though...

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