Stranger Things have happened

Check this off the bucket list... the actress who plays Barb, Shannon Purser, retweeted a Barb meme that I created!



Bust a Move

I recently designed a logo for my friend Scarlett's cause. The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days. Net proceeds help support research, scientific programs and community-based breast health and education programs for those facing breast cancer. Scarlett first committed to walking the October 2012 Atlanta 3-Day. Unfortunately, the journey became much more personal when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2011. Currently, Scarlett is participating in a study on cognitive changes in breast cancer patients at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. This cause is important not only because of Scarlett but because of my mom - another breast cancer survivor! Please dontate here - there are many levels and prizes to choose from!


The Memeing of Life

After more than two years I'm still enamored with making memes! Here are a few of my favorites...


Weird Is Good!

We recently saw Weird Al Yankovic on his Mandatory Fun tour (my first Weird Al show!). As someone who loves to wear different costumes I was pleased and delighted by his many wardrobe changes - from Kurt Cobain to Devo to Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga to Star Wars and many more. To top it off Lee and I got to meet Al in person! What a sweet, creative guy!



I was one of five artists participating in an event called "The Tour De Loo" in Birmingham AL on 1/15/16. Each artist was assigned a restroom in a local business and had to come up with a theme for an art installation. I drew inspiration from the event's name and went with the concept of "Lollapa-LOO-za." I channeled memories of concerts (I attended two different Lollapaloozas in the 90s!), trading mix tapes with friends, listening to records as a child, and iconic musicians.

The good news? I won the $200 grand prize! Here is a quote from the event committee "Successful evening last night! Congratulations to Delaine Derry Green for winning best January installation! Joy Myers, director of Artwalk, had a very hard time choosing between all installations, but the one that stood out the most for the use of space, adherence to a theme, and overall feel-good environment, made it a winner!"

When you first entered the space you were greeted with an oversized 'backstage pass.'

I lined the walls with numerous records and mixed media paintings using vintage sewing patterns. I transformed each pattern's model into an iconic rock star... from David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust to all 4 members of KISS to Devo.

One of the focal points was a huge floating cassette tape, almost 7 feet in length, with its "tape" unraveled on the ground. A giant pencil was nearby to help "rewind" the tape.

Behind the cassette there was a cart stacked with vintage radios. An ipod and speaker was hidden behind the radios to provide some "mood music." A long graphic spanning the entire width of the back wall was covered with song lyrics pertaining to bathrooms.

When you were ready to wash your hands a large eye with a record-iris watched over you.

And if the mood struck there was a Devo energy dome on hand to pose in!