It's in the cards!

I just ordered some square business cards for the upcoming Artwalk festival September 11-12! As the old saying goes: "COLLECT THEM ALL!" This will be my 8th consecutive Artwalk appearance. Thanks to MOO I can get up to 50 different 2nd sides on a 2-sided card. You should get some cards too! Here's a special link for a 10% discount:


Art is achieved

I finally finished some more art to restock my area at Naked Art Gallery! Here is a look at my newest mini mixed media pieces:


Not My Small Diary 18 is here! 

My pet project is finally available HERE!

“Not My Small Diary” is an autobio comics anthology that started in 1996 and is still going strong today. For issue #18 you’ll dive into the worlds of 57 different artists/writers as they share their true stories about the animals in their lives. This zine is a perfect bound 5.5x8.5 book, color cover, B/W inside, 148 pages, signed by the editor, with original cover by Kevin Van Hyning.

The artists of #18 are: Jarod Roselló, Adam Pasion, Ben Snakepit, Brad Dale , Mark Campos, Aimee Hagerty Johnson, Joel Orff, Cara Bean, Aaron Brassea, John Porcellino, MariNaomi, Ayun Halliday, Jim Siergey, Jonathan Lai, Henry Jaepelt, Andrew Goldfarb, Michael Kraiger, Roberta Gregory, Robyn Jordan, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Androo Robinson, T. Motley, Dan Moynihan, Joe Decie, Simon Moreton, Maximum Traffic, Jenny Zervakis, Sam Spina, Missy Kulik, Misun Oh, Patty Leidy, David Lasky, Margaret Suggs, Christopher Davis, Kelly Froh, Anne Thalheimer, Peter Conrad, James Burns, Jason Marcy, Chad Woody, Max Clotfelter, Donna Barr, Jason Martin, Brad Foster, Maria Jaepelt, David Yoder, Kevin Van Hyning, Robert Kirby, Maria Goodman, Gary Fields, J.T. Yost, Pete Wentzell, Delaine Derry Green, Lee Green, Simon Mackie, Liz Prince, Carrie McNinch.


John Porcellino calls Not My Small Diary “One of the most important comic-zines in history.”

Joe Biel says “NMSD is a landmark and barometer for quality in the genre and I have discovered many favorite artists in these pages.”

Xerography Debt states “Every issue of NMSD is like a Who’s Who of the comic/zine world. Worth every penny. NMSD never disappoints.”




I got to design a float from scratch this year for a Mardi Gras dog parade in Sandestin. The parade occurred Feb 15, and my float won first place! As I was coming up with the design I researched the original line-up for Woodstock and converted some of the acts into dog-friendly versions: Joe Cocker Spaniel, Bloodhound, Sweat & Tears, Bone Baez, Jimi Houndrix, and Sly & the Family Bone. The float looked like a psychedelic VW bus driven by Brody the dog (his owner Bart was hidden behind a curtain doing the real driving). This is Brody's 5th parade win.