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Another My Small Diary book review!

Optical Sloth has posted a review of 'I Am My Own Stereotype - The My Small Diary Collection.'

Here is a taste: Subjects include her very early days and the imagination she had even then (we’re talking grade school here), various sights seen at concerts and bars, boyfriends and ex-boyfriends (and what they were up to with their current girlfriends), her obsessions with Pez dispensers and Emo Phillips, drinking, employment, unemployment, and everything that goes into 10+ years of a life. If this all sounds like stuff you’ve read before in other auto-bio comics, well, there’s only so much new ground to be covered there, but that doesn’t stop this from seeming completely fresh and original. It could have something to do with her general attitude of wonder (that, happily, seems to have lasted into her 40′s), or the fact that she never lets anything really get her down. For me a big part of it was that nothing here really felt mean-spirited, even when it seemed like the subjects had it coming. This was constantly smart and funny, and good luck reading this and not coming away feeling like you missed out by not somehow being Delaine’s friend (even if that meant you would have lived in Alabama).

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Birmingham's Artwalk looms large... come see me & my wares!

I've been busily preparing for Artwalk for months now! Come and see me, my art and comic books at What's On 2nd, 2306 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203 on September 6 & 7. I will have over 50 brand new pieces of art, big and small, including this new 12x12 mixed media piece - "Super Stars" (check out that tattoo)...

For more information on Artwalk please go HERE.


I Am My Own Stereotype - The My Small Diary Collection - REVIEWED!

Check out this review from Laura-Marie. She says "In addition to the evocative and charming drawings, Delaine has a way with words and an eye for what's truly interesting.  It's real life, but what of real life she chooses to share with us tells a story. The details are sometimes amazing and almost unbelievable."



This is a 112-page perfect bound book collecting all three out of print issues of MY SMALL DIARY zine... plus over 40 brand NEW pages and new commentary on each page! My Small Diary = true diary comics by and about my life that I started drawing in 1993. Each copy is AUTOGRAPHED and includes a fortune fish and bonus photos. I would love to share my life in comic form with you! Click on the image to go to etsy to purchase your copy NOW!! If you want to forgo etsy you can PAYPAL me directly at DELANGEL3@HOTMAIL.COM.... just send $5 plus shipping (US $2, England $5, Australia $6, Canada $3).

Don't just take my word for it, here's what other people say about this book:

"The next best thing to actually being Delaine is getting to read all the entertainingly luscious minutiae of her life, shared with an economy of words and simple, effective drawings. From high points to low moments to pure silliness, she shows us it's all good." 
- Roberta Gregory (Naughty Bits)

"MSD packs a hilarious punch because of what Delaine decides to include in the diaries: the creepy, the fortuitous, and the mundane. You get a sense of rhythm with each page, an intuitive feeling that the final frame is the bizarre punch line to a subtle joke you weren’t expecting. That is where the humor comes from: a surprising, subtle finesse." - Razorcake

"There are good reasons why this diary comic genre exists and Delaine hits it on the nail. She manages to capture the fun and quirks and wackiness of life with every page she draws." - Carrie McNinch (You Don't Get There From Here)

"My Small Diary is the perfect combination of ink, paper and a marveously quirky life. Delaine is my hero." - Brian Buniak (Mad Magazine)

"It’s 100% fun, like reading the diary of a pathologically happy bunny! I sugar love it!" - Ian Carney (Sugar Buzz, Shaun the Sheep)

"I highly recommend My Small Diary and Not My Small Diary. They’re sweet and dreamy and beautiful to look at." - Lynn Peril (Mystery Date, Bust Magazine)

"Delaine's comics reflect the simple things that make life fun - her comics, sense of humor and take on the world make Delaine’s world well worth living in. I know I’d like to know her." - Zine World

"Delaine is a small-press force of nature and it's wonderful to have a nice big collection of her comics all in one place, at last!" - John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics)

"Delaine is like the cool older sister I never had, the one that makes you Ramones tapes and lets you try your first beer. This book is a great trip down memory lane that perfectly nails what makes diary comics so compelling." - Ben Snakepit (Snakepit Comics)