NMSD-17 goes back to school!

I recently received an unexpected email from a professor (Jarod Roselló) at Penn State regarding NMSD-17. It seems he likes to incorporate comics into his curriculum and was on the prowl for an appopriate anthology for his class. His students are actually future high school teachers, making NMSD-17 an even more ideal choice. NMSD-17 is now required text in a class of 25 college students and I'm just thrilled!

Says Roselló: "The course is LLED 411 - Secondary Language Arts I in the College of Education and is part of the teaching certification program for secondary education English majors. We're using the text as a way to pedagogically investigate the medium of comics and as a way to think about what it means to be a high school student."

Roselló is a great artist in his own right and has been invited to be a contributor to NMSD-18 once a theme has been selected.


My First Window Display

Naked Art Gallery asked me to do a window display for one of their main windows. I've never done one before but didn't hesitate to try. I created a 3-piece city skyline and clouds out of wood & paint. I added a few items from the gallery and a couple items from home (lamp, travel case, hat, wig) and voila, a window was born!


Not My Small Diary 17 is here!

The latest, greatest issue of NMSD has arrived. The theme is true High School comics & stories. Inside you'll find 55 different artists and writers sharing their deep, dark and fabulous teenage stories. Every book comes with a special NMSD pencil! Have someone sign your crack and stock up on meds for senioritis! Click the image below for a link to my etsy store.... you need this!



One Cool Customer!

Wow, check out this story involving a piece of my art. It feels good to make someone happy!



Artwalk brush with celebrity

I just wrapped up another successful Artwalk in downtown Birmingham. I had a special customer this time - original MTV VJ Alan Hunter who lives in town. He picked out a piece of art for his daughter. He was being followed by a cameraman filming Alan & family for a possible reality show!