Lovely LA Zine Fest

I had a great time at the LA Zine Fest with my table-mate Carrie McNinch! I was thrilled to see many NMSD contributors, some I’ve never seen in person before: MariNaomi, Liz Prince, Jason Martin, Kelly Froh, Max Clotfelter, Trevor Alixopulos, Jerry Sims, Buzz Saw, Edward Bolman and Clutch McBastard. I sold Diaries galore and had some celebrity sightings (Matt Groening and David Ury). ZINES 4-EVER!

Other California trip happeninings included a tour of Paramount Studios where we saw Glee being filmed, a visit to the Hollywod Forever Cemetery (2 Ramones are buried there), a trip to Joshua Tree (we saw the dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure on the way) and quality friend and family time.