COMING SOON: The Portable Not My Small Diary

The order has been placed with the printer…. The Portable NMSD is heading our way soon! Not My Small Diary is an autobio anthology that started in 1996 and is still going strong today. This is a must-have collection showcasing the work of 88 artists & writers, culled from all 17 past issues of NMSD. Many previous issues are out of print so here’s your chance to see what you’ve been missing! Get the collection that MariNaomi calls her “favorite long-running anthology”. Joe Decie boldly states that he “wouldn’t be drawing comics if it weren’t for NMSD.”

Here are the artists featured in this book: John Porcellino, Misun Oh, Buzz Buzzizyk, Erin Tobey, Dan Moynihan, Lee Green, Delaine Green, Ayun Halliday, Cindy Rehm, Jerry Sims, Ben Snakepit, Allen Salyer, Ramsey Beyer, Dave Kiersh, John Miller, Julia Wertz, Max Clotfelter, Richard Cowdry, Kelly Froh, Lizzee Solomon, Alec Longstreth, Sarah Oleksyk, Kurt Wolfgang, Peter Conrad, Alixopulos, Hellen Jo, Joel Orff, Shannon Palmer, Tom Motley, Hilary Barta, Ed Repka, Bobby Tran Dale, Roberta Gregory, Derek Ballard, Ryan Holgerson, Lark Pien, Mike Tolento, Andrew Goldfarb, Chad Woody, Edward Bolman, De Kwok, Scout Finnegan, Kevin Van Hyning, T Edward Bak, Jim Siergey, Joe Decie, Donna Barr, Missy Kulik, Sam Spina, Brad Dale, MariNaomi, Cara Bean, Jeff Zenick, Richard Visick, Kyle Bravo, Andrew Lorenzi, David St. Albans, Kevin Friend, Adam Pasion, Carrie McNinch, Lucy Knisley, MJ Hammes, Brad Foster, John Isaacson, Patty Leidy, Noah Van Sciver, Onsmith Jeremi, Tim Doyle, Frederick Noland, Jess Smart Smiley, Margaret Suggs, Liz Prince, Jesse Reklaw, Raina Telgemeier, Ian Carney/Andi Watson, Brian Buniak, Patrick Dean, Androo Robinson, Joe Marshall, FC Brandt, Dave Roman, Kalah Allen, Mark Campos, Shawn Granton, Dan Zettwoch, Scot Baldwin, Clutch McBastard