What’s on your Xmas list?

It doesn’t matter if your friends and family have been naughty or nice – give them some original art from Naked Art Gallery! I just finished 5 more shadowboxes to add to my available pieces at the galley. These may not be listed on the gallery’s website yet, but you can call to order! 205-595-3553.

Bust a Move

I recently designed a logo for my friend Scarlett’s cause. The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days. Net proceeds help support research, scientific programs and community-based breast health and education programs for those facing breast cancer. Scarlett first committed to walking the October 2012 Atlanta 3-Day. Unfortunately, the journey became much more personal when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2011. Currently, Scarlett is participating in a study on cognitive changes in breast cancer patients at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. This cause is important not only because of Scarlett but because of my mom – another breast cancer survivor! Please dontate here – there are many levels and prizes to choose from!

Weird Is Good!

We recently saw Weird Al Yankovic on his Mandatory Fun tour (my first Weird Al show!). As someone who loves to wear different costumes I was pleased and delighted by his many wardrobe changes – from Kurt Cobain to Devo to Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga to Star Wars and many more. To top it off Lee and I got to meet Al in person! What a sweet, creative guy!


I was one of five artists participating in an event called “The Tour De Loo” in Birmingham AL on 1/15/16. Each artist was assigned a restroom in a local business and had to come up with a theme for an art installation. I drew inspiration from the event’s name and went with the concept of “Lollapa-LOO-za.” I channeled memories of concerts (I attended two different Lollapaloozas in the 90s!), trading mix tapes with friends, listening to records as a child, and iconic musicians.

The good news? I won the $200 grand prize! Here is a quote from the event committee “Successful evening last night! Congratulations to Delaine Derry Green for winning best January installation! Joy Myers, director of Artwalk, had a very hard time choosing between all installations, but the one that stood out the most for the use of space, adherence to a theme, and overall feel-good environment, made it a winner!”

When you first entered the space you were greeted with an oversized ‘backstage pass.’

I lined the walls with numerous records and mixed media paintings using vintage sewing patterns. I transformed each pattern’s model into an iconic rock star… from David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust to all 4 members of KISS to Devo.

One of the focal points was a huge floating cassette tape, almost 7 feet in length, with its “tape” unraveled on the ground. A giant pencil was nearby to help “rewind” the tape.

Behind the cassette there was a cart stacked with vintage radios. An ipod and speaker was hidden behind the radios to provide some “mood music.” A long graphic spanning the entire width of the back wall was covered with song lyrics pertaining to bathrooms.

When you were ready to wash your hands a large eye with a record-iris watched over you.

And if the mood struck there was a Devo energy dome on hand to pose in!

Not My Small Diary gets some love!

I’m happy to share four new reviews of NMSD-18 (the pet issue) with you from Xerography Debt!

“Rolling out of my review stack was a copy of Delaine Derry Green’s latest issue of Not My Small Diary, proving once again our kind editor does know each of our passions! Gone are the days of the hand-assembled, hand stitched, 2-volume NMSD packs of yesteryear, the latest issue pulls out all the stops! This publication is a sweet, perfect-bound pack of pure comics pleasure in 148 pages. In issue #18 of NMSD Delaine gathers together nearly 60 of the best mini- and indy comics creators to jam on a single idea. Billed as “The Pet Issue”, this thing is packed with some of the most touching comics and stories I’ve ever seen collected between two covers. Yes, there are some heartbreakers, of course, but there are also lots of fun, loveable, and quirky pets to meet as well. We get dogs and cats, yes, and also rats, guinea pigs, fish, chameleons, crickets, snakes, birds, hamsters, and even a toad! As for the artists participating, favorites of mine include Campos, Porcellino, Siergey, Goldfarb, Kraiger, Gregory, Motley, Traffic, Zervakis, Froh, Woody, Clotfelter, Foster, Kirby, Fields, Yost, Green, and McNinch. Of course there are many others stretching across all comics styles. All high quality work – no filler in this one. Delaine has completely killed it with this issue of NMSD, how will she ever top this one? Truly one of my favorite comics collections of the year. And in my mind an absolute steal at $5 + $3 S/H. A must have.” – Anne Thalheimer

“As always, NMSD delivers. But the more that I study it, what’s curious about it is that it’s a hybrid. It’s not sure if it’s a zine or a book. It’s not sure if it’s a community project or a commercial one. It’s not sure if it’s about vanity or exposure for the artists. Of course, none of that really matters if the writing is good, which it is. It’s intimate like a good zine, and amateur art only serves to increase the credibility and meaningfulness of the work. When people write about meaningful pets in their lives, you feel their tears. When Ayun Halliday puts a snake into an oven because she’s trying to bring it back to life, I’ve never felt so invested in a snake that I’ve never met. When it survives, I cheered out loud. When Ben Snakepit’s childhood dog dies, I cried with him. Perhaps this is the real value of anthologies like this: You can truly share not only in the creative energy but in the actual, raw emotions of each creator.” – Joe Biel

“Delaine produces a real gem each time she puts these things together: a professional-quality book that still retains the look and feel of a zine. Fifty-six+ talented artists/writers offered their comix-like contributions to this issue with the theme of ‘pets.’ There are stories about dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chameleons, snakes, birds, rats… just about anything that can provide companionship or entertainment for their owners. There are tales that celebrate the acquisition of pets, the antics that they indulge in, and tributes to those who have passed on. Ben Snakepit writes about Buster, a dog that his family had to give away when they moved into a new house that didn’t allow pets. Although the new house was three blocks away from the family that had taken the dog in, and across a major highway, Buster dug under a fence and somehow followed Ben’s family’s scent, showing up at their front door a few days later. Much of the artwork from the contributors is very impressive; of course, I wish I could draw as well as even the least talented of the bunch. I was especially impressed with the handiwork of Martin Jaepelt of Brazil; Chad Woody (whose work resembles that of the legendary Robert Crumb’s); James Burns; and my favorite, Brad Foster (whose work is regularly found in Robert Jennings’ zine ‘Fadeaway).” – Ken  Bausert

“Delaine is back with yet another amazing issue of the long-running NMSD. This is ‘The Pet Issue’ and it features the work of 57 artists and zine publishers. Each one weighs in with their true tales of the highs and lows of pet ownership. There is some hilarious stuff in here and, as you can imagine, some real tearjerker moments as well. Not only is the artwork of very high quality, but the printing – it has a great full color cover – and the binding are top notch too. And the price… are you kidding me? Only $5? Are you still reading this? You should be ordering this right now. Why are you still reading this?” – Kris Mininger

It’s in the cards!

I just ordered some square business cards for the upcoming Artwalk festival September 11-12! As the old saying goes: “COLLECT THEM ALL!” This will be my 8th consecutive Artwalk appearance. Thanks to MOO I can get up to 50 different 2nd sides on a 2-sided card. You should get some cards too! Here’s a special link for a 10% discount: http://www.moo.com/share/6q8ngx

Not My Small Diary 18 is here!

My pet project is finally available HERE!

“Not My Small Diary” is an autobio comics anthology that started in 1996 and is still going strong today. For issue #18 you’ll dive into the worlds of 57 different artists/writers as they share their true stories about the animals in their lives. This zine is a perfect bound 5.5×8.5 book, color cover, B/W inside, 148 pages, signed by the editor, with original cover by Kevin Van Hyning.

The artists of #18 are: Jarod Roselló, Adam Pasion, Ben Snakepit, Brad Dale , Mark Campos, Aimee Hagerty Johnson, Joel Orff, Cara Bean, Aaron Brassea, John Porcellino, MariNaomi, Ayun Halliday, Jim Siergey, Jonathan Lai, Henry Jaepelt, Andrew Goldfarb, Michael Kraiger, Roberta Gregory, Robyn Jordan, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Androo Robinson, T. Motley, Dan Moynihan, Joe Decie, Simon Moreton, Maximum Traffic, Jenny Zervakis, Sam Spina, Missy Kulik, Misun Oh, Patty Leidy, David Lasky, Margaret Suggs, Christopher Davis, Kelly Froh, Anne Thalheimer, Peter Conrad, James Burns, Jason Marcy, Chad Woody, Max Clotfelter, Donna Barr, Jason Martin, Brad Foster, Maria Jaepelt, David Yoder, Kevin Van Hyning, Robert Kirby, Maria Goodman, Gary Fields, J.T. Yost, Pete Wentzell, Delaine Derry Green, Lee Green, Simon Mackie, Liz Prince, Carrie McNinch.

John Porcellino calls Not My Small Diary “One of the most important comic-zines in history.”

Joe Biel says “NMSD is a landmark and barometer for quality in the genre and I have discovered many favorite artists in these pages.”

Xerography Debt states “Every issue of NMSD is like a Who’s Who of the comic/zine world. Worth every penny. NMSD never disappoints.”