NOT MY SMALL DIARY 20 is here!

Not My Small Diary 20 – available here!

Not My Small Diary #20 is a comics anthology centered around the theme “The Power of Music”. There are 54 talented artists & writers sharing their TRUE tales about the effect of MUSIC on their lives! You’ll experience all the feels within these pages. Each issue is signed by the Editor and comes with a special NMSD guitar pick!

Rob Clough of The Comics Journal says: “In the latest volume of Not My Small Diary, editor Delaine Derry Green focuses on The Power Of Music, giving it a fresh spin as master cartoonists describe how music is important in their lives. Their comics discuss how music both inspires and helps to process emotions. Whether it’s the joy of discovering new music to listen to or making your own, the mixed feelings of seeing one’s heroes, the warmth or reliving childhood musical memories, or the ways in which music helps them work through grief, this anthology delves into every sweet and painful moment.”

The contributors are: Colleen Frakes, Joe Decie, Andrew Goldfarb, Androo Robinson, Aaron Brassea, John Porcellino, Rob Kirby, MariNaomi, Julia Wertz, Jenny Zervakis, Jonathan Baylis, T.J. Kirsch, Simon Mackie, David Lasky, Noel Franklin, Misun Oh, Danny Noble, Fafá Jaepelt, Billy McKay, Chad Woody, Max Clotfelter, J.T. Yost, Ben Snakepit, J.M. Hunter, Jason Marcy, Steve Wallet, Jesse ReklawKen Bausert/Steven Anderson, Michael Kraiger, George ErlingJoseph Cotsirilos, Aimee Hagerty Johnson, Jason Martin, Kevin Van Hyning, Pete Wentzell, Josh Medsker, Roberta Gregory, James Burns, Brad W. Foster, M. Jacob Alvarez, Tom Scarecrow, David St. Albans, Peter Conrad, Maddie Fix, Joel Orff, Dave Kiersh, Donna Barr, Sally-Anne Hickman, Missy Kulik, Jim Siergey, J Gonzalez-Blitz, Jennifer Hayden, and Carrie McNinch. Cover Artist is Ben Snakepit.