End of an Era

My work has been carried by Birmingham's Naked Art Gallery for the past 12 years. Sadly, the owner is closing shop on 5/1/19 to focus on her own creative pursuits after adding so much to Birmingham's art scene for 20 years. You can read more about this bittersweet development here. I will post more information about the future of my art soon. I hope to have some of my pieces for sale elsewhere in Birmingham, and I plan to sell pieces in my Etsy store here. Change is good... right?


Through the Liking Glass

My January 2019 art installation for Forest Park's Third Friday/Tour de Loo took a look at a common "problem" in modern society - getting sucked into social media on one's smart phone. I created a huge free-standing phone with life-sized legs attached, evoking Alice in Wonderland for the modern age. Dozens of Facebook "reactions" were hung throughout the space. Hopefully many patrons took advantage of this meta photo opp! Thanks to Zoe's for hosting me.


Eye-Conic art show

I recently took part in a 2-woman show at Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, AL with Ashley Lindsey, April 20-May 4. All art was inspired by our personal connection to pop culture. I created over 60 pieces in my style, and icons such as Tippi Hedren, Jackie Kennedy, Frida Kahlo, Devo, Bowie & many more inspired my paintbrush. From this and other recent shows, I can confidently say that the pieces inspired by The Birds are most in demand. So... I am working on several more of those for Artwalk in the fall! 


Not My Small Diary #19 is out NOW!!!

FINALLY! Not My Small Diary #19 is a comics anthology centered around the theme “Unexplained Events”. There are 43 talented artists sharing their TRUE tales of the strange and mysterious! There are UFOs, ghosts, curses, superstitions, coincidences too strange to believe, and more. Buy a copy today!

The contributors are: Carrie McNinch, Peter Conrad, Noel Franklin, David Lasky, Jason Martin, Kelly Froh, Jenny Zervakis, Donna Barr, Max Clotfelter, Andrew Goldfarb, Colleen Frakes, Mark Campos, Rob Kirby, Ben Horak, Joe Decie, Asher Craw, Missy Kulik, Misun Oh, Rachel Scheer, Simon Mackie, Charles Brubaker, Graeme McNee, George Erling, Elmore Buzzizyk, Chad Woody, Brad Foster, Lee J. Green, Jason Young, Liz Prince, J.T. Yost, Andrew Willmore, Jim Siergey, Patty Leidy, Pete Wentzell, James Burns, Fafá Jaepelt, John Porcellino, Micah Liesenfeld, MariNaomi, Kevin Van Hyning, Roberta Gregory, Mike Kraiger, Adam Pasion.


"Zine queen Delaine Derry Green's NMSD has been the gold standard for memoir comics anthologies for over twenty years. In that time, each issue has become ever more ambitious, boasting a who's-who of comics autobio luminaries. With the new nineteenth volume, Green has outdone herself, as the artists tackle the theme of unexplained events. It's a book that
reveals Green's considerable skill as a curator and editor, as she carefully balances the mood and flow of this highly entertaining volume." - Rob Clough, The Comics Journal,, High-Low

“For a sampling of some of the best independent cartoonists today, one great source is the NOT MY SMALL DIARY anthology. This is a fascinating book and a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary comics. Each artist you visit here is like a little island unto itself.” - Henry Chamberlain, Comics Grinder,

“Editor Delaine Derry Green and her cohort of storytellers expose the cracks in the thin veneer separating this dimension of reality from the next. From the first hair-raising story to the last, Not My Small Diary #19 is a staccato delivery of twist endings, reincarnated pets, and humorous superstitions existing in a mostly invisible layer on the edge of our consciousness.” - Justin Giampioli, Comics Bulletin,


Not My Small Diary 19 updates

As of April 2017 I have received submissions from 43 talented artists for the "Unexplained Events" issue of Not My Small Diary! I am in the process of laying the book out and confirming page order. It's a great theme and I have received some truly amazing tales. Below are sample pages from John Porcellino, Liz Prince, and David Lasky. Books should be available in a month or two.